A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are a handmaiden, tasked with lighting candles at a very fancy party. You have been lax in your duties and you hope you are not caught by a very particular member of the french royal family.

R advances the action

up, down, left, right moves

light the candles, don't get caught, etc.


interiors - Lanea Zimmerman

sprites - Svetlana Kushnariova

Install instructions

The windows executable is 64-bit. And I think it might work.


SuddenlyTheKing_mac64.app.zip 34 MB
SuddenlyTheKing_PC64bit.zip 26 MB


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This was so much damn fun! This would be the perfect party game if you could hook up two players to it. Maybe one player as the King? :D

What. Okay. What?

It's pretty self explanatory


the king of France